Air Lift Performance has officially released their Air Suspension kit for the new Mk7 Golf and Golf GTI, designed to offer lowering of up to 4.8″ up front and 5.8″ in the rear and adjustability at the touch of a button. This kit also offers 30-way dampening adjustability on the struts, meaning that owners can fine-tune their suspension performance at the twist of a knob.


This high-performance threaded body air suspension kit has been specifically designed for the new VW Golf MK7 models, giving you the ability to adjust the ride height even while on the move. At the touch of a button you can lower your VW up to 4.8-inches on the front and 5.8 inches on the rear axle! The result is a car that’s not only super-cool to look at, but also significantly improved suspension performance while maintaining total practicality on the street.