The new Alfa Romeo crossover was supposedly going to be built on the CMP platform. However, new info emerged, and as of now, the Alfa Romeo Brennero will be built on the e-CMP2 platform which is adapted to accommodate both conventional and electric powertrains.

It is basically the same one which is used on the Peugeot e-2008. New info also states that Brennero will use Nidec electromotor as well as batteries, and its range will be slightly shorter than previously thought, the 310 kilometers, or just under 200 miles.


Besides the electric motor, the Alfa Romeo Brennero will offer a 1.2 PureTech gasoline engine which will essentially be offered as a hybrid, paired with new automatic transmission which comes with an integrated electric motor.

The sad part about this is that this hybrid version is not strictly Alfa powered, but rather a Stellantis troubled option that went through numerous improvements. The good news is that it will offer another conventional gasoline engine, hopefully, Alfa made, which will come with different HP outputs. No diesel version will be offered.