Bentley’s flagship sedan, the Mulsanne, is getting some updates for the 2017 model year. Among the updates is a new Extended Wheelbase model that makes the big sedan even bigger. We’re talking close to 10 inches of extra length, all of which benefits those sitting in the rear.


Assembled under the same roof as Continentals and Flying Spurs and Bentayga SUVs, the Mulsanne has one of the more distinctive launching pads in the automotive world. In a world where churning out mass-market cars can take as few as 17 hours, the Mulsanne can take up to 400 hours. Still, it's a benchmark of efficiency.

Much of its body is built with the most advanced technology available today. Aluminum and steel are glued and riveted and welded together without any human input.


The Mulsanne also has more hand-crafted content than just about every other vehicle made by a major manufacturer. That's what takes up those extra 383 hours.