Audi S4

Spotted for the first time with the correct RS front bumper and proper oval exhaust tips for the first time, the next RS 4 is said to be packing a nearly 500hp punch.  Also of note are what appear to be very allroad-esque flares, which make us ponder whether or not the new car will come with the boxed flares we’ve come to love on the previous RS 4 and 5.  It is important to note that this could be slightly devolved externally from the production car though, as Audi’s quintessential RS car ‘wave’ rotors are also absent.


Audi RS 4 

So perhaps this prototype isn’t wearing it’s final form just yet, but the car does appear to have a full roll-cage installed, meaning that from a mechanical standpoint, it could be quite close.  With that in mind, we certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see this car pop up on the Nürburgring in the coming weeks.


Audi RS 4