The Panamera Sport Turismo First Test Laps


Way back in 2012, Porsche got enthusiasts all hot and bothered with the Panamera Sport Turismo at the Paris Motor Show. The concept imagined a hybrid wagon with a shapely rear end. Porsche said at the time production was "possible," but these spy shots indicate the vehicle is actually under development now.

Rare Footage Of The Koenigsegg One:1 #108 + Start-Up


The Koenigsegg One:1 was a real game-changer as soon as it came out, everyone was talking about the specs and wondering if Koenigsegg were actually capable of making these things happen. People also had their questions about the acceleration times and if these were actually legit.

MK6 Golf R Reviewed by Everyday Driver


Everyday Driver, recently reviewed the Integrated Engineering 450 WHP Mk6 Golf R in real world driving conditions. They were pleasantly surprised by their Golf that has super car horsepower while remaining docile enough for daily driving.  

AC Schnitzer ACL2: BMW M235i Comes With 570 hp!


The AC Schnitzer ACL2 gets 570 hp. The power isn’t applied to the normal BMW M 235i, the ACL2 gets an engine transplant with the BMW M4. The downpipe has been replaced which allows for higher boost.

The ICONA Vulcano, The Titanium Supercar


With inspiration from the “world’s fastest plane”, the Blackbird SR-71, in the backs of their minds, the design team at ICONA manifested the world’s first titanium body car: the ICONA Vulcano.