Aston Martin Vulcan - rear

Aston Martin is taking on the McLaren P1 GTR and Ferrari FXXKwith a track-only hypercar of its own. Called the Vulcan, it’s loosely based on the road-going One-77, but with the 7.0-litre V12 engine turned up to ‘800bhp-plus’ and an even steeper asking price of £1.8m.

The first official images of the all-new Audi R8 have been released. The second-generation version of Audi's mid-engined supercar has been causing a major stir as we approach its 2015 Geneva Motor Show launch and now we can judge its new look for the first time. 



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 The Geländewagen has proved increasingly popular with tuners since the one-time German troop carrier somehow crossed the line and became popular with executives, entrepreneurs, and the odd rapper.