Watch Lamborghini Aventador (stock) race against The new Lamborghini Huracan (stock), Who do you think will win ? 


Within the Novitec Group is Novitec Torado, a division that specializes in creating upgrades for Lamborghinis, including the Aventador and now the Huracan. Revealed in photos on their Facebook page today is a new kit for the Huracan that adds power, style and functionality.


The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse La Finale has just been snapped in Morocco as it heads towards it lucky enough. It is reported that it will eventually reside in Gibraltar where it will inevitably become one of the small territory’s most expensive and exclusive cars.


fver.jpgWhew… that sure is some killer supercar sound, ain’t it? I love what the Armytrix Titanium Exhaust gives to the Ferrari 458 Spider: a testosterone boosted high-end performance car sound.


German tuning firm Mansory is frequently responsible for creating some of the most outlandish cars on the planet. The tuner works on a seemingly never ending array of performance vehicles and the latest to receive the Mansory treatment is the popular Porsche Macan.


fab-design-mclaren-650s-2.jpgFAB Design is no stranger when it comes to creating incredible outlandish cars and the latest McLaren 650S the tuner has worked on is absolutely no different.


Niche Chinese tuner ASPEC has just unveiled its aggressive aerodynamic bodykit for the popular Maserati Ghibli. Having had experience tuning other performance-oriented cars from Europe like creating a 400 hp Volkswagen Golf R, ASPEC ensured their experience didn’t go to waste when creating the Ghibli’s kit.