This Is What Happens When You Don’t Change Oil For 30k Miles!


As the video’s title says : Mercedes Extended Oil Changes = Massive oil sludge
Don’t ever wait 30,000 miles to change your oli,or you will be in our next article about this topic.
Furthermore we suggest to watch the video,also feel free to share with us your opinion

The assembling of a 8000cc Bugatti Veyron engine!


Ever wondered how the remarkable 8.0-litre W16 Bugatti engine gets assembled? Last week, a very detailed video of the Bugatti engine popped onto YouTube about this incredible created masterpiece. Now that the very last Veyron has been released, Bugatti has to wave goodbye to the Veyron and what better way than to publish such a video.

How to Restore Your Vehicle's Headlights



Cars get old and if you're part of the vast majority of Americans who own a set of wheels at least 11 years old, we're pretty sure those front headlights could use a makeover. Clean headlights not only make your vehicle look like new, but they allow for safe and unobstructed travel by clearly illuminating the road ahead.